Maryann Schmidt

original oil paintings

My work reflects a strength in ordinary objects

Maryann considers herself a “Contemporary Tenebrist”.

A painting style with heavy emphasis on shadow. She prefers to work in a large format, utilizing the entire canvas and compressing the space within for her original oil paintings. She feels compelled to scrutinize everyday objects that are often overlooked.

Maryann Schmidt is an award winning artist with credits including being the 2011 official Poster Artist for Walt Disney Worlds Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. This event featured her work on the merchandise celebrating the festival. Her work is included in Private Collections Internationally as well as in the USA. She counts The Hilton in Washington D.C. on her list of collectors.


Strength In Ordinary Objects

Within her book paintings, the shadows are fully developed creating a sculptural effect on a 2-dimensional surface.

Maryann’s paintings of flags often bring an emotional response. There is a sense that you can reach out and feel the fabric, folds and ripples of these images.

Maryann’s paintings have a realistic impression from a distance but upon close examination a viewer will see Maryann’s love of the brushstroke. A vibrant palette is used in these intense expressions of the strength in ordinary objects.

There is a sense of the layers in space and a smoothness of the glass being translated to Maryann’s canvases as she interprets a moment in time from the shadowed side of these glass pieces.